Hi again. In the last part, we have set up our RN project, iOS certs, and profiles and the fastlane deployment. Now we can use all of this in the Bitrise panel!

yes, you can’t, I know

Log in to your account and proceed with app creation:

When I have started development in React I thought: “Wow, what’s nice technology, everything is quite simple and easy to implement”. After 2 years of development with React, I have decided to start development with React Native. I considered it a great idea and it was! The same thoughts came to my mind about the simplicity and coolness of this solution: “One codebase for 2 platforms, this is awesome. I can’t wait how much time I will save for project implementations”. Yep, I know, future for me was like:

the most suitable meme for this case

Well, the reality wasn’t kind to me. In those days RN…

Marcin Sadowski

Co-founder of Mobile Reality, Frontend Developer, coffee enthusiast

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